Regional Office of Education #1 Summer Professional Development Trainings Booklet

Please see booklet for available training dates, times, venues, registration links, and other pertinent details.

As of 5-4-18, here is a listing of trainings being offered:

*June 4- Thinking Math K-3  --  CANCELLED

*June 5- Capturing the Benefits of a Read Aloud

*June 6- Trauma 101

*June 7- Googlepalooza

*June 8- Breakout EDU- an "Escape Room" for the classroom   --  CANCELLED

*June 11- Innovations with Microsoft:  OneNote, Teams, Forms, Sway, Mix, and Skype

*June 12- Number Talks K-5  --  CANCELLED

*June 13- What is Trauma:  Fight, Flight, or Freeze!

*June 13- Brain Architecture Game

*June 14- Tips and Tools for Creating a Trauma Informed Environment

*June 15- Mentor Text for the Craft of Writing

*June 18- Number Talks:  Fractions, Decimals, and Percentages    --  CANCELLED

*June 20- Mindfulness and Yoga for Healing the Classroom

*June 25, 26- Restoring and Building Communities WITH Restorative Conversations-Restorative Justice

*July 13- Integrating Art into the Classroom    --  CANCELLED

*August 1, 2- Framework for Understanding Poverty, Ruby Payne


Friday, August 3- Lincoln-Douglas Elementary, 3211 Payson Road, Quincy