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Regional Office of Education #1






Job Title:          Child and Family Connections Service Coordinator



Qualifications: 1. Service Coordinator (professional Level) 

                          2. Bachelor degree in related Human Service field 

                          3. Successful completion of state-sponsored Service Coordinator and Corner Stone training    

                          4. Experience as an EI provider for Service Coordinator 



Employer:        Regional Office of Education #1 

                          507 Vermont Street 

                          Quincy, IL 62301




Reports to:       Program Manager of Child and Family Connections  


Terms of Employment: June 30-July1 


Evaluation:      Job performance will be evaluated annually by the Program Manager. 




  • The Service Coordinator is responsible for ensuring that all referral of children under the age of three to the Early Intervention Services System receive a timely response and that the various functions are conducted with families in a prompt, professional and family centered manner.
  • The Service Coordinator responds to all referrals with a contact and meeting with family to verify the referral. Obtain informed, written permission from the parent/legal guardian to proceed.  During the initial interview the family is introduced to the due process rights and procedural safeguards.  At each pivotal point (eligibility determination evaluation and assessment, and implementation of the IFSP,) the family is reminded of their due process rights and procedural safeguards.
  • The Service Coordinator is responsible for ensuring that all of the opportunities under Part H are made available to families.  Families are provided with accurate and timely information regarding their choices of options, and through information regarding their rights, opportunities and responsibilities under federal and state law.
  • The Service Coordinator will be responsible for providing staff and support to facilitate activities of the Local Interagency Council(s) (LICs) within the CAP/SPOE.






  • Coordinate the performance of evaluations and assessments, including gathering and reviewing existing information.
  • Facilitate and participate in the development of IFSP’s within 45 days.
  • Assist families in the identifying available service providers.
  • Coordinate and monitor the delivery of available services to ensure that IFSP goals are being addressed.
  • Inform families of (their rights and) availability of advocacy services.
  • Serve as initial contact for intake with families wiring 2 days of referral.
  • Authorizes evaluations and services and serves as a link to CBO.
  • Arranges maintenance of electronic billing.

Please contact Kara Hoffman, khoffman@roe1.net

Regional Office of Education #1

Job Description


Job Title:                     Day Custodian - Lafayette Academy - JACKSONVILLE


Qualifications:            General knowledge of basic cleaning, repair and maintenance of a school building


Employer:                   Regional Office of Education

                                    507 Vermont Street

                                    Quincy, Il 62301


Reports To:                 Administrator and/or Building Supervisor and Director of Maintenance


Terms of Employment: Salary and work year to be established by the Regional Superintendent.

Evaluation:                 Depending on the employee’s position and classification, Reginal Office of Education #1      endeavors to review performance annually.

General Summary:     To maintain the assigned school building in a condition of operating so that full

                                         educational use of all facilities may be made.


Knowledge and Abilities:
Knowledge of:

  1. Basic cleaning methods, procedures, and techniques
  2. Cleaning materials, supplies, and equipment
  3. Safe working methods and procedures

Ability to:

  1. Efficiency and effectively use of cleaning materials, supplies and equipment
  2. Understand and carry out oral and written directions
  3. Establish and maintain cooperative working relationships
  4. Work independently


Roles and Responsibilities:
Cleaning Duties:

  1. Sweep, mop, strip, wax, and seal floors; vacuum and shampoo rugs and carpets
  2. Dust, wash, and polish furniture and woodwork
  3. Empty and clean waste receptacles
  4. Clean restrooms
  5. Wash windows and walls, polish metal work, clean chalkboards and whiteboards
  6. General cleaning of classrooms, hallways, kitchen/cafeteria areas, gym area, teacher work areas, and office areas
  7. Perform other related duties as assigned


General Duties:

  1. Enjoy, welcome, and initiate positive contact with students, teachers, staff members, and visitors to the assigned school
  2. Maintain an inventory and recommend purchase of suitable supplies, tools, and equipment
  3. Lock and secure the assigned building when leaving
  4. Inspect District property and observe activities on District property for unsafe conditions which may lead to injury; correct any unsafe practices and conditions and to report all other potential safety hazards to their supervisors
  5. Work with supervisors to develop and maintain a program of safe conditions and practices for the welfare of the students, faculty, employees, volunteers, visitors, and other invitees
  6.  Inspect office areas and equipment to ensure that any hazards are removed or reported
  7. Perform all other duties necessary to the position and such other duties as may be assigned by the administrator


Please contact Chip Marshall, cmarshall@roe1.net



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