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The Regional Office of Education is responsible for conducting and keeping records of the initial training that is required for all new school bus drivers prior to getting a bus permit, and for the annual refresher workshop that is required in the 12 month period prior to renewing their school bus permit. Experienced drivers must take a two hour refresher course annually, and all new drivers must take an eight hour course in school bus driver safety and first aid, as prescribed by the Illinois State Board of Education and administered by the ROE. 

School Bus Driver Refresher Course Information

  • The first refresher training following initial training must be completed within one year (365 days) from the date of initial training. The date of the first refresher training will be known as the refresher date.

  • In the event that an individual completes subsequent refresher training between the actual refresher date and 60 days prior to that refresher date, the next annual refresher date will not change. In the event refresher training is completed more than 60 days prior to the refresher date, the date the driver completes the refresher training will become the new annual refresher date.

Bus Driver Training Schedule

Bus Driver Training Courses Schedule 2018-2019

Bus Driver Training Courses Schedule 2019-2020

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